TMJ Sleep Colorado


Patti C.

Dr. Beck and his staff are the best. They have been so kind and professional. They have helped me with my jaw pain and cut my headaches almost in half. Thank you so much.

Bonnie L.

I went in with tons of jaw pain and difficulty with breathing when I slept. Dr. Beck and his staff created a perfectly fitting appliance for me that has alleviated nearly all of my pain and helped me to sleep so much better! The staff here is so friendly, kind and caring. It feels like a family environment. Dr. Beck has countless years of experience behind him, and I would recommend him every single time!

Joy S.

The cost of the mouth guard for my TMJ was well worth it. Before I got my appliance I was not sleeping through the night. My jaw and ears hurt so bad I could barely chew. Now I sleep through the night and there is no pain in my jaw or in my ears and I can eat even hard to chew things without pain. I would recommend them not only for the effectiveness of their treatment but because of their friendly and helpful staff.

Tyler S.

Dr Beck and his staff were wonderful. What a great office. Thank You

Mark P.

This practice is so good. Friendly and ery giid at what they do. Super clean. Thank You Dr Beck you e helped me improve my quality if life.

Valor M.

Great office. It’s a plus that they’re In-Network! Happy to finally get a goods night sleep! The team was very professional!

Jenai G.

Thankful for the work they do. Excellent and helpful staff and procedures.

Kathryn “.

Dr Beck and all the staff are helpful, informative and very knowledgeable. I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

Becky P.

The group is friendly. They know my name and my issues. They treat the problem and follow up. I would recommend Dr. Beck and group.


Dr. Beck and his team have been heaven sent. I had been struggling with TMJ for 6 months - to the point that it was affecting my mental health - chronic pain is no joke! I had been to several other TMJ doctors throughout the state. After having gone to a few TMJ Dentists I realize that there is not much financial support for TMJ (insurance) or tried and true fixes. Dr. Beck and his team made my appointment quick and all the follow ups after I knew I could count on them respecting my time and getting me in and out. The front desk staff is super kind, as well. I knew that treatment wasn't going to be cheap, but the way that Tristan broke it down for me and was up to date on insurance coverage made this experience SO DIFFERENT from every other practitioner I saw about this issue. He offered one service at a time - a bruxism guard. Once I got the guard I literally have not had a headache since that day. My quality of life is better. Thank you so much Dr. Beck. You made treatment accessible and I will be grateful for your help probably for life! I don't believe a bruxism guard is going to be the answer for everyone or that he can cure you over night, but he is willing to work with you if you give their office a chance. They are flexible and understanding and you won't be left with more questions. If you are suffering from TMJ I have total empathy - hang in there - DR. Beck may be able to help!

Mickey M.

I am very happy with TMJ Sleep Colorado. Jim Beck DDS, is very professional, down to earth, and really knows his business! His staff is fantastic, very knowledgeable, and friendly. I can't say enough good things about TMJ - Sleep Colorado, except that you will likely be very satisfied.

Dacia R.

Staff is always friendly.

Sean G.

Theresa G.

Everyone is so kind and thoughtful there. My last dentist said doing an X-ray on my jaw would be useless. Doctor Beck took an X-ray and found out immediately what my problem was. Thanks guys!

Jeffery B.

Dr. Beck has been great to work with from the first visit to the last. He does a great job of explaining the concepts behind his treatment and works hard to provide the right care for the individual patient. Highly recommend for folks with sleep apnea.

P C.

Dr Beck is an awesome Doctor and so are all the staff. Friendly and highly efficient well run Medical Facility. Highly Recommend.

Sheila K.

Jason C.

sally M.

Allison W.

Marina G.

Anna R.

Going to TMJ Sleep has been the best decision I have made, I have suffered for years with jaw clicking, headaches, ear pain and soreness but only a few weeks into treatment I feel 10000% better! Staff is very nice and welcoming as well.

Becky M.

Dr Beck made an appliance for my TMJ. I wear it 24/7 Except when brushing my teeth. The crinkling in my jaw is going away and I don’t have the headaches that I used to have. Thank you so much.

Zach P.

Susan P.

Kelli H.

Jeff W.

I was told by two other doctors that my apnea was severe, and CPAP was my only option. Dr. Beck gave me another option and that was two years ago. I am now sleeping well, rested in the mornings and feeling great. Dr. Beck and staff are great. I'm so happy I found them.

Terry B.

For the first time in 30 years I am able to get good sleep and not have to get up repeatedly throughout the night due to the mandibular mouth piece and to Dr Beck for being an expert in his field and doing an amazing job.

Brian J.

Dr Beck has really helped me with sleep quality. I feel better and more rested. I no longer snore. All of the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Annell M.

Good experience as usual. Today I had a couple of questions and Dr Beck explained them thoroughly to me. He and the staff are always friendly.

Charlie H.

My experience with Dr Beck and his office is always positive

Alex T.

They are an amazing team! Always nice and helpful. They get me right in when I need it. They have improved my quality of living with improving my tmj and decreased my pain! I went from having pain daily to no more jaw pain! I highly recommend to anyone with tmj!!!!!

joe P.

Harold M.

Friendly knowledge staff, they really do care about your needs and well-being. I highly recommend them.

Tammi G.

Very friendly service. Dr Beck and his staff are attentive and listened to every single one of my health concerns.

Marcel M.

The staff is friendly and very helpful.

Patricia R.

Billy D.

Dr. Beck did an Incredible job making a mouth piece for me to help me with my sleep problems and grinding my teeth. Thank You so much and I recommend him to everyone!

Bill M.

Dr, Beck is a true professional and insures his clients receive the best possible care and service. This same care and service is also carried out by his entire staff. I highly recommend Dr Beck at TJM-Sleep Colorado.

Chris T.

Dr. Beck and his office staff are both kind and professional. They are extremely efficient and Dr. Beck is incredibly knowledgeable about tmj and sleep related issues. In just a few months my problems have gotten significantly better- I couldn’t be happier with their care.

Chell P.

Dr. Beck is great! He has saved my life! I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, in 2017. I knew a CPAP was not going to work for me. Thankfully, Dr. Beck was referred to by my neighbor. Dr. Beck knows his profession very well. He has state of the art equipment. The office is very welcoming, homey, and clean. The staff is fabulous and friendly. He listens to your concerns and can show you actual models that you can choose from. Dr. Beck, genuinely cares about helping you and making sure your appliance is working and improving your health situation. I feel blessed to be working with him.

Patrick F.

Great experience.

Sarah S.

My TMJ has greatly improved as well as my pain highly recommended Dr Beck!

C L.

I have moved a lot and seen different TMJ doctors and tried different TMJ appliances. Dr Beck figured out my last TMJ appliance from another doctor was making my TMJ pain worse. I received a totally different TMJ appliance from Dr Beck and had a huge decrease in pain and more range of movement.

Brienne K.

Dr. Beck has the most welcoming and helpful staff! You can tell that they take pride in what they do. What a great experience!

Nick P.

Dr. Beck and his staff did a great job of working with me "remotely" since I live a couple hours away.

Sharon K.

I have been seeing Dr. Beck for about four years now. When I first went to see him, all I could think of was "I don't want to sleep with a CPAP machine. Well I don't!!! The appliance he fitted me with works wonders. I wake up ready to go. Dr. Beck, Jeanette, and Tristan are not only professional but friendly. Thank you.

Anna G.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went to TMJ-Sleep Colorado. Dr Beck himself and his staff are knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. The office is friendly and welcoming. I am so grateful for the experience and knowledge of Dr Beck, he helped me too get to the point where I’m actually rested when I wake up! I have struggled for years with sleep apnea. I couldn’t tolerate a BiPAP or CPAP, but my sleep apnea device is extremely easy to get used to and helps me to sleep better, and restfully, at night. I am so great full and happy with my experience. Would highly recommend Dr Beck, his staff and TMJ-Sleep Colorado!

C R.

Dr. Beck and staff are truly amazing! I finally feel so much better! Many thanks!

Don M.

Dr. Beck and his staff are great to work with. When I got my sleep apnea diagnosis I was anything but thrilled with the thought of a CPAP due to its intrusive design and required maintenance. Dr. Beck was able to correct my issue with a mandibular device; think of it as a mouth guard, so no CPAP was needed. I recommend to anyone who may be helped by this type of service.

Janet M.

If I could leave more stars I would. I have been going to Dr. Beck for 2 years. He is always polite and friendly, as is his staff. They always make me feel welcome. The level of care is high and personalized. I am so glad my doctor referred me to Dr. Beck.

Leslie M.

Dr Beck's treatment of my TMJ and sleep apnea caused an immediate relief of my jaw-pain as well as providing an at-home sleep test which resulted in a diagnosis of sleep apnea. I highly recommend Dr Beck.

Bobbie D.

TMJ Sleep Colorado got me off a CPAP machine to just using a custom made mouth guard at night. It was enough to open up the back of my throat to get enough oxygen for a good night's sleep! I cant say enough good things about them! Very Happy Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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